Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation is the release of semen from the body. Premature Ejaculation is when the ejaculation occurs sooner than he or his partner would like during sex. This premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint among couples.

It is estimated that 1 out of 3 men experience this problem at some point of their life. Premature Ejaculation may not be cause of worry. It is concerning only when it happens often. The psychological as well as biological factors play a role in premature ejaculation, which is a common and treatable condition



  • Psychological issues
  • Biological issues
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Unrealistic expectations about sexual performance


  • Ejaculation that routinely occurs with little sexual stimulation and with little control
  • Decreased sexual pleasure because of poor control over ejaculation
  • Feelings of guilt, embarrassment or frustration

Homeopathy Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Homeopathy is effective in treating Premature Ejaculation. Homeopathy believes in treating the person as a whole and not just the disease itself. Homeopathy here provides remedies for men to cure premature ejaculation by themselves and not with medicines. It treats the person depending on his symptoms and acts accordingly.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

The expert Homeopaths at Homeocare International treat Premature Ejaculation using Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment and prescribe most suitable personalized homeopathy treatment only after careful analysis of the symptoms, their severity and health condition of each individual. Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for Premature Ejaculation at Homeocare International not only controls it effectively but also provides long term relief by treating the roots of the problem and improves overall wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Erectile dysfunction refers to a situation where the man cannot have an erection, where as in premature ejaculation the man has an erection but ejaculates too soon.
Premature Ejaculation is a very common problem affecting men. In fact one in three men suffers from Premature Ejaculation.
No, but it can have a long term affect on your mental health and relationship.
Yes, it is important to discuss any sexual problem with your partner because it tends to affect both of you.


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