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5 common causes of low sperm count or Oligospermia

Oligospermia is a male infertility problem that affects sperm count. When sperm count is less than 15million per millilitre of semen. It is determined as Oligospermia. Along with sperm count it also affects erection and ejaculation. The sperm count plays an important role in fertility since a low sperm count reduces the chances of fertilising an egg, which impacts their partner’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Types of Oligospermia based on severity:
  • 10 to 15 million sperm/mL is considered mild oligospermia.
  • 5 to 10 million sperm/mL is defined as moderate oligospermia.
  • When sperm counts drop between 0 and 5 million per millilitre, severe oligospermia is identified.


Oligospermia can be caused by a variety of medical illnesses and lifestyle choices. Among them the following 5 are the most common causes.

  1. Infections:Viruses, such as sexually transmitted infections, can limit the number of sperm in the semen.
  2. Varicocele: Blood flow to the testicles might be disrupted by enlarged veins in a man’s scrotum. As a result of this, the temperature of the testicles may rise which affects the sperm production.
  3. Issues of ejaculation: While many men with oligospermia have normal ejaculations, some ejaculation issues can result in a reduction in sperm count. One such problem is retrograde ejaculation. When semen enters the bladder instead of exiting through the tip of the penis.
  4. Exposure to heavy metals and harmful chemicals: Pesticides, cleaning agents, and painting materials are just a few examples of substances that can lower sperm count. Heavy metals, such as lead, can induce this condition.
  5. Hormonal Issues: Ejaculation and sperm production are controlled by a number of hormones produced by the brain and testicles. Any of these hormone imbalances can lead to a reduction in sperm count.

Other than these, some of the medications, overheating of testicles, alcohol consumption and smoking, and being overweight can also cause oligospermia.

Homeopathy treatment for oligospermia

Homeopathy treatment for oligospermia is safe and effective and has no side effects. It helps in improving the sperm count and sperm quality in ejaculated semen as treatment enhances the blood supply to the testicles and glands producing male hormones.

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Our expert homeopathy doctors at Homeocare International treat oligospermia using the most suitable constitutional homeopathy treatment provided based on a thorough analysis of various factors like past and present symptoms, health history, lifestyle, family history, physical, psychological, and emotional condition of the patient. Constitutional homeopathy treatment for oligospermia provides a non-intrusive way to treat this condition to give the best results. It does not only treat the symptoms but also the root cause of the problem without any side effects.