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What are the 5 signs and symptoms of varicocele?

What is a varicocele?

A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins in the loose skin bag that holds your testicles. Veins in the body transport the blood back to the heart from numerous organs of the body. Valves are featured in such a way to guarantee that the blood flows in the right direction. If the valves of testicular veins fail, blood can accumulate in the scrotum, resulting in a varicocele.

It’s a common prevalent condition that affects 15 to 20% of adult males. Even adolescents can develop varicocele during puberty. A varicocele is more commonly found on the left side, although in 30% of men, it can be bilateral. A right-sided varicocele is unusual and should be addressed as soon as possible to rule out other potential causes. A varicocele is commonly seen in males who are evaluated for infertility. 8 out of 10 men with varicoceles do not have fertility issues.

Signs and symptoms:

Varicocele is usually asymptomatic, however, it can grow in size and visibility over time. Men may begin to develop symptoms when a varicocele reaches a particular size.

The following are the top five symptoms of a varicocele:

  1. Scrotal mass: Lumps in one of the testicles are referred to as a scrotal mass.
  2. Heavy sensation: Swelling in the scrotum that is worsened by lifting weights is known as a heavy sensation.
  3. Veins: Veins are visible veins that are enlarged or twisted.
  4. Pain: A dull or sharp recurrent pain in the scrotum that worsens with physical effort or throughout the day. You feel better when you rest on your back.
  5. Infertility and impotence: Men with varicoceles typically have reduced testosterone levels or testosterone production that is compromised. Varicoceles can cause erectile dysfunction and diminished virility in males.

Homeopathy treatment for Varicocele:

Homeopathy treatment is very effective in mild to moderate cases of the varicocele. Homeopathy treatment for varicocele treats the root cause of the problem to prevent the recurrence of the disease. It stimulates the disease-fighting mechanism of the body without causing any side effects.

Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for Varicocele:

Expert homeopathy doctors at Homeocare International treat varicocele using constitutional homeopathy treatment based on symptoms and individualization. Constitutional homeopathy treatment for varicocele at Homeocare International aims to reduce pain, swelling, and discomfort, thus decreasing the temperature of the testicles for a better sperm count.

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