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Homeopathy and its Scope in Increasing Sperm Count

Low sperm count and oligospermia are some of the common causes of infertility in men. Infertility is not able to conceive a child even after trying for a fair period of time without any protection. If the problem is in men then it can be either low sperm or a structural defect of the sperm. With low sperm count also sometimes couples can conceive but the time taken to conceive is more and more when compared to fertile couples. To increase the chances of conceiving by improving sperm count, homeopathy has the best treatment for low sperm count or oligospermia caused due to various reasons like varicocele, infections, hormonal imbalances, and erectile dysfunction.

Causes of low sperm count:

  • Varicocele and ejaculation problems
  • Electromagnetic frequencies and Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves(wifi)
  • Drinking and smoking
  • Pesticides
  • High levels of estrogen produced due to meat and dairy product consumption
  • Hyperthermia
  • Stress and obesity

Symptoms of low sperm count:

  • A swollen and enlarged vein in the scrotum
  • Pain, swelling, or lumps in the testicle areas
  • Thick discharge
  • Decreased facial and body hair
  • Sexual functioning issues

Few tips to increase sperm count, quality, and mobility:

Along with Homeopathy Treatment,
  • Maintain a composed mind and peace
  • Consume healthy and nutritious food
  • A healthy lifestyle like doing regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and sound sleep
  • Avoid situations that trigger anger, depression, and other emotions that disturb the mind
  • Avoid tight undergarments and hot tub baths
  • Increase intake of fiber and cruciferous vegetables which helps to clean excess estrogen

Homeopathy Treatment for increasing sperm count:

Oligospermia treatment in homeopathy helps to increase the sperm count and cure associated symptoms safely and efficiently without causing any side effects. Homeopathy treats oligospermia from the root causes and improves the overall health of the individual.  

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for increasing sperm count:

Our expert homeopathy doctors at Homeocare International treat oligospermia using Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment based on the patient’s symptoms and physical, psychological, and emotional conditions which helps in increasing the sperm count as well as improving the sperm quality. Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for increasing sperm count not only cures oligospermia but also helps in natural conception by improving overall health.

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