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Which is the best Homoeopathic Treatment for Azoospermia

What is Azoospermia?

If there is no sperm in the ejaculated semen of men then it is referred as a condition called Azoospermia. If a couple can’t conceive even after one year of unprotected sex then either or both the partners in the couple may have infertility problems that need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. The prevalence of azoospermia in the world is 1% of all men and 15% of infertile men. Among all infertility cases, 40% of the cases are due to problems related to men.

Types of Azoospermia:

Azoospermia can occur due to a lack of sperm production in testicles or something obstructing them from getting out of it. Based on this aspect azoospermia is 3 types. They are: 

1. Pretesticular azoospermia:

It is a non-obstructive type of azoospermia in which the testicles are normal but can’t produce sperm or produce immature sperm. It can occur due to hormonal imbalances and genetic disorders. 

2. Testicular azoospermia:

It is also a non-obstructive type of azoospermia where Damage to the testicles stops them from making sperm normally. It can happen because of an infection in your reproductive tract, a childhood illness such as viral orchitis, a groin injury, Cancer treatments involving radiation, and genetic conditions like Klinefelter’s syndrome. 

3. Post-testicular azoospermia:

it is Obstructive azoospermia in which there is a blockage that stops sperm to move out of the body. This obstruction can be due to epididymis or vas deferens tubes that store and moves sperm. 40% of azoospermia cases are due to this post-testicular azoospermia.

Causes of Azoospermia:

  • Vasectomy 
  • Various Genetic conditions
  • Traumatic conditions
  • Infections
  • Exposure to Radiation
  • Stress
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs

Diagnosis of Azoospermia:

To diagnose azoospermia, a semen analysis test is conducted on two different occasions, when there is no sperm in the semen sample after a spin of centrifuge under a high-powered microscope. Along with physical examination, the doctor may ask for the following information:

  • Fertility success or failure in the past 
  • Childhood illnesses,
  • Injuries or surgeries in the pelvic area (they can also cause duct blockage or poor blood flow to the testicles)
  • History of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
  • Urinary or reproductive tract infections,
  • Exposure to radiation, 
  • Present and past medications,
  • Family history of birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive failure, or cystic fibrosis.
  • Usage of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs.

Treatment of Azoospermia:

To treat any health problem like azoospermia, the doctor has to understand the causes of the problem. Counseling of symptoms, genetic history, other health conditions, the psychological condition of the patient is analysed by an expert doctor to give treatment for best results. Some of the causes of Azoospermia may require surgery to remove blocks that stop sperm to move out of the body. All such problems are best treated with homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic treatment for Azoospermia:

Homeopathy treatment is very effective to treat azoospermia by eliminating the root cause of the problem. Homeopathic treatment for azoospermia is safe and effective in reversing the problem and it has no side effects.

Constitutional Homoeopathy treatment of Azoospermia-Homeocare International:

Constitutional homeopathy treatment provided by expert doctors of Homeocare International is effective in removing underlying causes of Azoospermia problem and doctors at Homeocare International prescribe the best constitutional homeopathy medicine based on careful analysis of patient’s symptoms, prescriptions of other health conditions, psychological and emotional condition of the patient. Azoospermia treatment in constitutional homeopathy helps the patient to become fertile by treating underlying health conditions that cause azoospermia problems and improves the overall health of the patient.

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