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Best Homeopathic Treatment for Low Sex Drive 

Low sex drive or low libido is described as decreased interest in sexual activity. It is common to lose interest in sex at some point of time in life for both men and women. If this lack of interest in sex continues and returns and causes personal distress then it can be called as a sexual interest disorder. Every person’s sex drive is different; we can’t determine what normal libido is. It can be caused due to various reasons like relationship problems, stress, and tiredness, some underlying health conditions like reduced hormone levels. 

Causes of low libido:

In men: 

  • Sexual problems like ejaculation problems and erectile dysfunction.
  • Medicine for an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

In women: 

  • Sexual problems like vaginal dryness and painful sex, involuntary tightening of the vagina (vaginismus).
  • Getting older and the menopause.
  • Pregnancy, giving birth, and breastfeeding.
  • Major surgery like surgery to remove the ovaries and womb in women.

Common Causes for both men and women:

  • Relationship problems.
  • Stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.
  • Depression.
  • Underlying health problems like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, an underactive thyroid, and cancer.
  • Medicine for high blood pressure, many types of antidepressants.
  • Alcohol and drugs usage.
  • Overweight and lifestyle habits.


  • Being not interested in any type of sexual activity.
  • Never or rarely having sexual thoughts.
  • Concerned by your lack of sexual activity or fantasies.

Homeopathy Treatment for Libido Problems:

Homeopathy treatment for libido problems is safe and effective in giving the best results for libido problems and the inability to get aroused. Homeopathy treatment helps the patients to get rid of their physical as well as emotional problems without causing any side effects, which is primarily essential for sexually dysfunctional patients.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Libido Problems:

The expert Homeopaths at Homeocare International treat Libido Problems using Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment and prescribe the most suitable personalized homeopathy treatment only after careful analysis of the symptoms, their severity, and other health conditions of the individual. Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for libido problems at Homeocare International not only controls symptoms but also provides long-term relief by treating the root cause of the problem and improving the overall health.

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