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What you need to know about irregular periods

A menstrual cycle is a period of 28 days during which the uterus prepares itself for bearing the fertilized egg and menstruation is a part of the cycle when the endometrium of the uterus is shed. This phenomenon of bleeding from the womb is termed as a period or menstruation. Irregular period is a term given to the condition when there is a deviation in either the number or frequency of the periods from normal per month.

Causes of Irregular Periods

Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods can occur in cases of hormonal imbalance, or when the method of contraception changes or when there is overt endurance exercises or due to hormonal changes during menopause. 

Symptoms of Irregular periods

The main symptoms of irregular periods is the occurrence of cycle for more than 35 days or if the bleeding occurs in the varying length.

If you are facing irregular periods once in a blue moon then it is absolutely alright. However, if there is occurrence of irregular periods frequently then it is an alarming sign. Irregular periods can affect ovulation and might make it difficult for you to conceive. Some other symptoms of irregular periods can be weight gain, bloating of abdomen, spotting between periods, abdominal cramps during periods and extra growth of hair on face, hands and genitals.

Homeopathy for Irregular Periods

Constitutional Homeopathy brings promising results for the treatment and management of irregular periods. As homeopathy treatment works directly on the root cause of the disease, it is not just highly effective but safe and natural. It directly treats the underlying causes like hormonal imbalance and other health concerns thereby making it holistic in its treatment approach. Homeocare International is the pioneering provider of Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for a myriad diseases including Irregular periods. For more information about Homeopathy for Irregular Periods, write in to us at