Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility

Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility

Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility

In India, infertility has become a growing cause for concern. According to a report by the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 10-14% of the Indian population suffer from infertility. Struggling with conceiving or getting pregnant is an indeed stressful and painful journey, it impacts a couple ‘s physical and psychological conditions and makes them lonely and isolated due to social stigma. But it is saying that every cloud has a silver lining. So no more worries, every problem has a solution and there are also some effective solutions for infertility.

Let’s know what infertility is?

Infertility refers to the inability to conceive after having unprotected sex for over a year. If your partner is unable to conceive or get pregnant then it is called infertility.

Symptoms of Infertility In Males

The symptoms of infertility in males can have changes in hair growth and sexual function, pain or lump in testicles and problems in ejaculation and erections.

Symptoms of Infertility In Females

The main symptoms in women include irregular periods (Mensuration), skin changes, changes in sexual desire, weight gain, hair growth and dark lips, etc.

Causes of Infertility

Causes related to males are genetic defects, small or descended testes, STDs including gonorrhoea, HIV, mumps, varicocele, and diabetes.

Other common factors are smoking, drinking alcohol, premature ejaculation, blockage in testes or testicular injury, certain medications like antibodies, prostatitis, orchitis, and ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Causes of women’s infertility include ovulation disorder, hormonal disorders like PCOS, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and abnormal or irregular menses.

Other factors are uterine or cervix abnormalities, Fallopian tube blockage or damage and endometriosis. 

Apart from this, there are some combined causes of infertility such as advanced age, obesity, emotional stress, smoking, alcohol intake, exposure to radiation, diabetes as well as medications.

Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility

Homeopathy treatment provides the best remedies for infertility in both males and females that is safe, natural and without any side effects. It cures disease as a whole including all symptoms and conditions of the person. Homoeopathic treatment believes that all factors are interconnected and they must be treated altogether. Homeopathy treatment corrects the cause of infertility and goes deep into the root to cure the imbalances.

Similarly, it works effectively on improving ovulation cycles, and sperm count and sperm mobility as well as getting rid of emotional blockages and negative thoughts. Homeopathy treatment also helps to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility at Homeocare International

Expert Homeopaths at Homeocare International treat infertility using Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment based on individualisation including the constitution of the body, symptoms, family history, social and psychological conditions of the individual. It does not just treat infertility from its root cause but also enhances the overall health and well being.

In addition, Homeopathy treatment is a very effective and safe alternative treatment, especially for improving low sperm counting and low sperm mobility. 

To treat infertility problems in both male and females, avail Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Infertility at Homeocare International.

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