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Varicocele treatment in homeopathy

Varicocele is a condition in which there is enlargement of the veins contained in the loose bag of scrotum, the skin that holds the testicles. Varicocele occurs when the veins in the scrotum sac that drain the testicles, become enlarged, dilated and tortuous, and interfere with the blood flow to sperms. The abnormality is generally acquired during puberty and it can lead to low sperm count that can further lead to male infertility. Thus, varicocele treatment is of utmost importance to prevent or treat male infertility.

Although the exact cause of varicocele is not known, some are of the view that the condition occurs when the spermatic cord-valves do not work properly. Normally, the one-way valves allow the blood to flow towards heart and if they fail to do so, the blood pools up leading to dilatation of the veins. Although the people with varicocele remain asymptomatic, some may have symptoms like slight discomfort that may increase while standing or exerting. The pain also gets relieved once they lie on back.

Homeopathy treatment for varicocele

For mild to moderate forms of varicocele, homeopathy works very well. Varicocele treatment in homeopathy works with two phenomena; one, the homeopathy medicines relieve stagnated blood and recirculate the blood by improving the elasticity of the veinous walls, and two, they relieve pain, swelling and varicosity of the veins. Both the phenomena help in decreasing the temperature of the testicles to improve the sperm count.

Homeopathy for varicocele is not just an effective treatment but is natural, safe, free of any side-effects and long lasting. Since homeopathic drugs facilitate healing of the body by improving the elasticity of the veins, it is a natural self-healing treatment. As homeopathic treatment for varicocele directly hits the root cause of the disease, it is way more effective than the treatments that merely relieve symptoms of the disease. For more information about Varicocele treatment, visit –